What to look for in motorhome insurance

One of the first choices you will have to make when taking out motorhome insurance is whether or not you plan on touring around Europe in your motorhome. If you want to do this then you would have to ensure that your policy included European cover. Providers will offer this as an extra and will allow you so many days to travel around Europe. The policy would cover the cost of towing your caravan and repairs to the caravan. It would also pay out towards you being able to stay in alternative accommodation if your motorhome was unliveable. Again this would be limited to so much each day and would pay out for so many days. So this would have to be compared when comparing policies.

Your motorhome insurance might also payout for a brand new motorhome if your motorhome is under a certain age and has done under a certain mileage at the time it was written off or stolen. However you would need to check in the small print.

When travelling around in your motorhome you will of course have your personal belongings with you so you want to be sure that these would be protected in your policy. You should therefore take an inventory and count everything and this would be the sum of money that you would get back in the event that you would have to make a claim on your insurance. When considering this you have to take into consideration that some policies would pay out and provide you with brand new replacements for your belongings but other providers could take wear and tear into account. If your provider offered new for old cover then you would have to pay a little more in premiums.

The majority of insurance policies would payout for legal expenses. This means that if you have an accident and it was your fault then the third party would be able to claim and so would you for legal costs. There will be a limit on this amount so again you would have to check in the small print.

There are ways that you can make savings on your motorhome insurance and one of these is offering to pay more in excess than what the provider asks for. All providers will state a minimum amount of excess that you could pay but by offering to pay more you could save on the premiums for the insurance. The excess is what you need to pay towards a claim, in the event that you have to make one of course, before the insurance provider will kick in and pay out on the rest of your claim. You could also ensure that your motorhome is as safe as possible and harder to steal. You could install such as an immobiliser, steering wheel lock or tracking device and any of these could go towards you saving on your insurance policy. If you park your motorhome in a garage then this could also help you to save when compared to leaving your motorhome on the side of the road where it would be at risk of damage and theft.

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