Where is the cheapest caravan insurance to be found?

Before you just sign up for the cheapest caravan insurance that you can find, it may be of benefit to you to consider just what levels of cover you are getting for your money:

• not all caravan insurance policies are the same and you may need to satisfy yourself that you are not on the point of sacrificing aspects of cover that may be important to you, just to save a little on your premium;

• reading through the detail of the policy may therefore make good sense because what you may consider to the most appropriate and cheapest caravan cover for you, may be very different to the policy that another caravanner opts for – even if the caravans in question were identical;

• that may be because an important factor in determining the cheapest or the best caravan insurance is how you actually use your caravan;

• the various policies on offer may contain quite different terms and conditions and some of these may be more acceptable or even just make more sense to you than others;

• to take just one example – some caravan insurance providers may expect you to take the safety of your caravan seriously, so may require that whenever you leave your tourer unattended you fit a wheelclamp (if the towing vehicle is still attached) and a hitchlock if the caravan is unhitched from your car;

• awnings may be another area where you may find conditions attached to cover – storm damage, for example, may only be covered if you are present in your caravan at the time it happens, so it may make good sense to take the precaution of stowing your awning away each time you leave your caravan just to be on the safe side;

• other elements of the cheapest caravan insurance cover you may be looking for to suit your way of using your caravan may include features like continental cover with breakdown and recovery provided as standard.

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