Tuesday 19 November 2019

Your car insurance quote, Northern Ireland and finding a suitable deal

In terms of a car insurance quote, Northern Ireland may be something of the traditionalist marketplace.

Due to the fact that historically choice in car insurance was been limited for anyone with a Northern Ireland postcode, there may be the temptation to start saying that it’s best to stay with what you know and avoid the effort of trying to find an alternative.

Yet is this really a sound approach?

The first thing to consider is that however unavoidable such approaches were in the past, today they are not necessary.

Although at one time it may have been rather time-consuming to try and find these individual companies, there are now consolidated sites listing car insurance providers operating in Northern Ireland. Information on different companies and different opportunities can be obtained now with a relatively small amount of effort.

The second thing worth thinking about is whether or not, for a car insurance quote, Northern Ireland insurance providers are all ‘much of a muchness’.

Some people may believe that there will be little point in shopping around, as everyone’s offers will be pretty much the same.

That may be an error of assumption.

The insurance marketplace changes rapidly from one year to the next and this may be particularly true in Northern Ireland.

There may be new products, new benefits, lower prices or simply a mixture of all three.

Of course, perhaps your existing insurance is already providing a suitable deal and at a cost-effective price.

The point is though, that you will never be sure unless you are prepared to accept that, for a car insurance quote, Northern Ireland now offers other opportunities. Once you do and make the effort to compare your existing position against other possibilities, you’ll be able to be sure that your existing cover is still adequate – or you’ll be able to consider moving to another insurer!


  1. xBenzi says:

    Lovely video! I have always wanted to go here. We hope to go with my parents in the next year back to Ireland, and Antrim is on my list. It will be my first time to Northern Ireland.

  2. Twitter says:

    The Conservative-Liberal Democrat government plans to devolve greater financial and legal powers to the regional administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as it seeks their assistance in cutting £81 billion from public spending.

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  4. rlutterb says:

    Shazam! Dr. David Booth, doctor of Evolutionary Genetics from Queen’s University, Belfast Biodiversity of Atlantic salmon, (Almo salar L.) in Northern Ireland / (2003)

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  6. Will says:

    Nationalist politicians have criticised a DUP assembly member who is opposing a possible visit to Northern Ireland by the Pope.

    Ian McCrea said most people in NI belong to denominations that hold the Pope to be "the Antichrist".

    He said many Catholics would oppose the visit over clerical abuse scandals and Protestant opposition could be "detrimental to community relations".

    Sinn Féin's Daithí McKay said the DUP should apologise for comments.

  7. flashash2k9 says:

    A stable Northern Ireland, like a stable Libya, would be a place with exploitable cheap labor and non-existent trade unions or meaningful political freedoms.

  8. cheekychapie says:

    Northern Ireland is in actual fact part of the UK making them British by nationality. It is the only country of Great Britain that shares a land border with another Sovereign State!

  9. Entre(web)neur says:

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  10. PatchesRips says:

    we dont even have a united northern ireland yet nevermind united ireland… as a protestant who doesnt really give a shit about unionism/nationalism all i can do is keep voting for the alliance party… the ethnic irish and ethnic british in northern ireland need to reconcile

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